How to Select Customized Medal Manufacturer in China

If you want to buy medals with the best quality and best price, then customized medals in China is your best choice, as Chinese people in some regions have been making medals for generations. They put their heart and soul into building the best medals in China.

If you want to get your money’s worth, it’s important for you to fully understand what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Proper knowledge of sources and products will allow you to choose the best medals within your budget.

1. Which Countries Have the Most Advantages in Making Customized Medals?

The customized medal can be sourced from different countries and regions:

1) Developed Countries

Developed countries such as Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand have the greatest demand for customized medals, because they hold various sports events from time to time, such as marathons, running/racing, cycling, football, and swimming. Finishers receive medals at the end of each race. Therefore, they need to buy a lot of custom medals.

If you buy custom medals locally, the price will be much higher, because the local labor price is relatively high compared to some regions in some countries. Labor costs are several times that of Asia or Africa. In addition, there is no mature industrial belt in this area, and it is difficult to purchase all high-quality raw materials and accessories for products. Local governments have tighter controls on manufacturing because manufacturing affects the local environment.

All these factors above lead to some difficulties in the custom medal manufacturing process. Therefore, it will be more expensive for you to buy custom medals in developed countries than in countries that are still developing. On the other hand, you will find that in some areas of developing countries, a lot of people have been making medals for generations. They have more experience in making custom medals than some newer metal manufacturing companies in developed countries.

Which Countries Have the Most Advantages in Making Customized Medals?


2) Developing Countries

Many Asian countries have factories for customs medals, such as China, India, and Vietnam. It is wise for you to choose some custom medal manufacturers in these Asian countries because many Asian countries are still in contact with developed countries Compared with the stage of development with a large population. This is also the reason why the labor cost is much lower than that of developed countries in Europe and America.

3) Chinese Medal Manufacturers

 After 30 years of development, China has formed a very mature industrial belt and created many technical talents. Especially since the outbreak of covid-19 in 2019, China has quickly brought the epidemic under control. In less than half a month, workers resumed work and production one after another. In China, manufacturing is the most competitive industry in the world.

As a result of the development of the Internet, a bridge has been built between factories and their customers. One can take a quick look at the websites of many custom medal manufacturers to learn more about them. On the medal manufacturer’s website, customers from developed countries browse through each page and category to see thousands of options as well as many eye-catching medal designs.

They can also learn about the colors and materials available for the custom medal they want. They can quickly contact them through the website, and get consultation and quotation in the first time based on their reference materials. It is a completely hassle-free process that they can rely on no matter where in the world they live.

This way, clients can select and order custom medals that suit their budget and fulfill all requirements by sitting at home or office. This is how customers find many suppliers from China on the web and compare their prices and services. That’s how they get better prices than before and medals of the highest quality. That’s how they get your money’s worth the best way.

2. Customized Chinese Medals:

Nowadays, most organizations, offices, and different companies are increasingly opting for custom medals because of the various conveniences they offer for different purposes. Medals are used for different events and occasions and have different purposes.

Some are for exercise, others are for motivating office workers to stay motivated and work harder. There are also badges intended to be a marketing tool. No matter what the purpose of the medal is, if you want to customize a Chinese medal, you can always customize the medal according to your requirements.

That’s why if you want to buy the best medals from China, then Sicpin is the right medal manufacturer for you as they have the most skilled and highly professional designers and craftsmen who can make any type of medal you want specially tailored for you.

In this customized Chinese medal system, you can buy a custom-made medal, and you can choose your favorite color, material, design, logo, and text for the medal. You can turn your dream medals into reality with award-winning designers from Chinese medal manufacturers.

If you choose Chinese medals, then you will find that the whole process of getting a custom medal is very easy. You just need to contact and send your design and let them know all your requirements. Then you will get the price according to your request. Now is the time to get medals from Chinese medals that are specially tailored to your needs and get all the benefits from any type of custom medal.

3. Understand the Manufacturer’s Production Capacity and Delivery Time

As traders do not have their custom medal factories, they have no control over delivery and quality checking. They have no control over these aspects as they are dependent on the source manufacturer. However, in the off-season when there is not much demand for customized medals, manufacturers may cooperate more with traders to handle some urgent orders.

But when the medal manufacturers have too many orders in the peak season, they will give priority to the orders of customers, and then consider the orders of traders. Of course, in terms of quality, the factory pays more attention to the customer’s custom medal order, rather than the trader’s order, because the trader lowers the price to the factory, which affects the service.

1)  Monthly Production Capacity

When looking for suitable source manufacturers, it is necessary to understand their factory scale and monthly production capacity. Since your custom medals are for tournaments or competitions and you must have your custom medals in hand before each game or competition on a specific date, lead time is very important to you. If you do not receive your medal by the exact date, you will not be able to send the medal to the finisher.

That’s why delivery time is the most important part for you when you are buying custom medals. And you need to be absolutely sure that the manufacturer can deliver the medallions on time. That’s why before placing an order with a supplier, you must ask if there is a problem with the delivery time and if they can deliver on the stipulated date.

Monthly Production Capacity

2) Shipping Term

In terms of shipping, most of the customized medals are delivered by express. International express includes DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS, it takes about 3-5 days from China to Europe. After the customized medal arrives at the destination, the courier will directly deliver the goods to the address specified by the customer. This shipping method is very convenient for the customers and they can receive the package without any hassle. 

If the number of medals is large and there is plenty of time, we can ship them by sea, which is low in cost but takes a long time. From China to European countries, it takes about 45-60 days. You can choose FOB or door-to-door service. So if you want to save extra money on shipping, you can order ahead of the event date by planning everything about custom medals earlier. When we ship products overseas, we use excellent packaging style to ensure that custom medals are scratch-free and safe until they reach your door.

4. In-stock Chinese Medal:

Once you have browsed the user-friendly Chinese medal manufacturers’ websites, you will find many quality medals in stock. Stock medals are made and designed by the medal maker themselves. If you buy Chinese medals in stock, you can get them much faster, and you can easily find most of the information you need to know about the medals right on the site without any hassle.

1)Type of Stock Medal

You might think that if you use stock Chinese medals you won’t be able to get the medal design you want, but that would be wrong as they have a large stock of Chinese medals covering all areas where medals are normally required.

You can find running medals, marathon medals, swimming medals, racing medals, soccer medals, basketball medals, baseball medals, wrestling medals, cycling medals, hockey medals, and many more medals are available.

2) Add Text or Logo to Stock Medal

When you can choose from all of these medals, you won’t need any other options to get what you need. The best part of buying stock Chinese medals is that you have the opportunity to add your text and logo to the medal so that you can meet all your requirements.

As for China’s stock medals, each design represents each item. All the designers are experienced and they know how to design medals for each occasion to provide a sense of accomplishment to the recipients and motivate them appropriately. Even if you want to use the customization options for Chinese medals, it’s a good decision to check them out.

Because browsing the medals in stock will give you a clear idea of what type of custom medals you would like to purchase for your event. It will give you the correct insight, or you can choose a stock medal and add your design according to your imagination and customize it according to your needs and preferences.

Add Text or Logo to Stock Medal

3) PVC Medal

In addition to custom Chinese medals and stock medals in a variety of materials and designs, you also have the opportunity to buy PVC medals. In terms of softness, flexibility, durability, and color, they always stand out from other medals. Proper care and attention to detail are given in the manufacture of the PVC medals.

With the 2D embossing system, you can choose different colors according to your choice. You also have the opportunity to choose a Chinese medal with a 3D molded design. Everything is quoted on request. So, all you have to do is let the team know about your requirements.

We are one of the leading professional custom PVC medal manufacturers, where you can get the most affordable PVC medal price with custom design service. Usually, the process is die casting, and the silicone material is used to make these medals. If you buy medals from China, for the perfect awards ceremony, you can choose quality ribbons for all types of medals. You also have the opportunity to choose a ribbon attachment for these medals.

5. Custom Lapel Pins:

In addition to various medals for various events and organizations, you can also get customized lapel pins from Chinese medal manufacturers. Die-casting or stamping processes are used to make the pins.

The materials used to make these lapel pins are stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, or iron. You can choose any of these materials for your medal, and you can also choose these same custom badges. You can customize these badges from medal manufacturers according to your requirements.

Whether you want to build brand awareness with proper advertising or help colleagues identify each other, custom brooches are a must, and you can get these badges at the most cost-effective price and best quality. These act as great promotional items by promoting your brand name indirectly and effectively.

6. Custom Challenge Coins:

Custom challenge coins are the best way to boost corporate workplace morale and the best place for anyone looking to buy the highest quality custom challenge coins that will meet all their needs.

Besides the best quality medals from China, this medal maker also uses their skills and experience to make other things like custom challenge coins. These challenge coins are so detailed that they work perfectly as tokens of achievement.

Whether you want a design tailored to your preferences and field of work or a generic design, Chinese medal manufacturers will effortlessly meet all your needs while providing great value for money as quickly as possible.

In addition to Chinese medals, there are many sectors such as police, labor, firefighters, military, etc. that use these coins as a source of gratitude, encouragement, and motivation. Research shows that rewards are always more effective than punishments.

7. Chinese Customized Medal Keychain:

Chinese medal manufacturers also make keychains, which have high sentimental and practical value, and these keychains can also serve as a corporate identity symbol. Chinese medal makers are offering keychains to customers so they can spread their brand further on a small budget. Keychains also make a great alternative to thank-you mail and postcards.

Keychains made by Chinese manufacturers always have high personal value and sentimental value, which can make any type of brand present well to various types of audiences. We allow you to easily customize these keychains with your branding message and logo for better marketing purposes.

8. Chinese Medal Rubber Bracelet:

Rubber bracelets that can be your long-term promotional tool, perfect for your marketing campaigns can be found in the Chinese metal market. Today, many event management companies are replacing these tickets with traditional tickets.

If you’ve been looking for a promotional tool that’s durable and that you can get at a great price, the rubber bracelet is just what you need. Nowadays, it has become a fashion for people to wear wristbands. All wristbands are very durable and they will stay the same until they are altered using external sources. Unless someone wants to break the rubber bracelets, these bracelets will stay in their original shape.

However, they can be cut off if desired in case someone wants to use the rubber bracelets for guest entry and destroy them by cutting them off when someone enters the event to ensure the bracelets are not passed by guests to outsiders for entry.

Chinese Medal Rubber Bracelet:

9. The Reliability of Chinese Medals:

We use the most secure website and maintain a high level of security and privacy for your payment gateway system and personal information. We always provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best prices.

This makes us reliable to many people around the world. That’s why we have good partnerships with more than 60 companies from all over the world. Our products also meet the quality testing standards of EN71 and CE.  The medals are always made right by this great team using the latest machines, workmanship, and techniques.

So, if you buy from us, we will offer you a good price because we are a direct medal manufacturer and there is no middleman between us. We can offer the best price. We also make sure to use only the most authentic materials in making our medals and all other products to ensure they are built to last. We always deliver on time because we understand the importance of receiving products on time so they can be used properly.

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