Hard Wax: Everything You Need to Know

Brazilian hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal services out there, but it can also be one of the most nerve-wracking for both the beautician and the client. It’s not the easiest to go there naked, but anyone with experience being a Brazilian will tell you it’s definitely worth it. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and advice, getting a hard wax can be made easier and more comfortable.

1. What is Hard Wax?

hard waxing is a hair removal technique that became popular in Brazil in the 1970s. When full thong bikinis became popular on Brazilian beaches, so did the desire to remove all the hair “out there” you want! The hard wax beans make the genital area completely hairless from front to back.

2. Hard wax vs. Bikini Wax

A hard wax removes all hair from the inner thighs to the entire pubic area and back. A bikini wax will only remove hair from the sides and top of the pubic area.

A good way to differentiate a hard wax from a bikini wax is to think of a bikini. In Brazil, thong bikinis show it all, so a hard wax removes it all. In other countries, a bikini is generally considered to cover a larger portion of the vagina/buttocks, so a bikini wax only removes the hair that is visible while wearing a bikini (the outside seam of the bikini).

3. Benefits of Brazilian Hair Removal 

Once you are consistent with the hard wax, you can go about 3-4 weeks between appointments. Since hard waxing removes hair at the root rather than cutting it short like shaving, the hair grows back much slower.

Another benefit of Brazilian hair removal is fewer ingrown hairs! We all know that one of the most common areas for ingrowth is the common area. Hair is usually coarse and frequent shaving can irritate it. Pores in this area can easily become clogged due to the inevitable buildup of sweat and the friction between skin and clothing during any kind of exercise.

While hard wax does reduce the chance of being ingrown, the area is still very sensitive and prone to irritation. Good before and after care products, such as those in our kit, can help greatly reduce irritation.

4. Preparing the Hard Wax

If your client is using hard wax for the first time, or even if they are an experienced Brazilian client, they will be very nervous, this is normal! One thing that really helps with pain relief is educating them on a good prep routine.

For women, taking your menstrual cycle into account is key to Brazilian hair removal. People are more sensitive to pain in the week before and during menstruation due to lower pain tolerance.

The second thing you can tell your client to do in preparation for the wax is to take ibuprofen or an anti-inflammatory medication an hour before the service.

Another important preparatory step is exfoliation. Clients should exfoliate at least 24 hours prior to waxing to ensure the removal of dead skin cells to reduce pain and prolong smooth results!

Doing a hard wax can be overwhelming! The most important thing is to be very intimate, most of the time you know your client expects to feel pain. However, once you learn the tips and tricks to perfect Brazilian hair removal, the service can be as routine as any other.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your customers well. Use your pre-care product of choice and make sure the entire area is clean and dry from front to back.

Then, position your customers in a comfortable and highly visible manner. The most common pose is Butterfly, where the client’s feet are spread out and tilted to the sides like a butterfly.

Some beauticians also like to do a one-sided figure 4 at a time, with one leg bent, one foot resting on the opposite thigh, and the other leg straight, because it makes clients feel less vulnerable. You can experiment and find out what works best for you!

5. Which wax is best for Brazilians?

The best type of wax for hard wax is hard wax. Hard waxes are best as the hair in the bikini area is usually thicker and therefore requires multiple waxing sessions.

Due to its blending nature, Nova Wax is the best wax for Brazilians. It grabs the finer hairs on the bikini line, as well as the thicker hairs on the pubic area. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, Nova Wax is a gentle, hard wax that goes on smoothly without irritating the skin. For the intimate area, the choice of wax is crucial as it is a very sensitive area and any irritation can be uncomfortable and possibly painful.

With Nova Wax, you can trust that your clients will receive a uniquely comfortable waxing experience with flawlessly smooth results. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but the formula is strong enough to grab the hair and leave less on the skin.

This means you can work more efficiently, and clients don’t have to put up with so many strips on their skin. Additionally, Nova Wax has a low melting point, making it more comfortable on the client’s skin. Nobody likes burning hot wax underneath!

Another reason why hard wax is recommended to Brazilians is for pain relief. The bikini area is often very sensitive and hard wax is much better than soft wax for pain!

6. Performing a Hard Wax on a Client Tip

There’s nothing normal or comfortable about taking your clothes off in front of strangers and trusting them to know what they’re doing. As beauticians, it’s our job to put our clients at ease, especially when providing a  service like hard waxing, where the client’s body is fragile and pain is often feared.

One thing that can be very helpful for pain relief is asking the client questions. The questions can range from “Would it help if I counted down the clock” to “Would it help if I explained which area I am headed to next?”.

Asking questions like this breaks down the barrier between you as an esthetician and your client. It makes clients feel like they have some control and knowledge of the process, so they feel more comfortable expressing their needs, such as asking for a break, to help relieve pain.

Just like asking questions, having a conversation with your customer can really help the process. As a beautician, it’s not only important to have good conversation skills to build a relationship with your clients; however, talking can also be a great way to help calm your nerves. Talking can take the client’s mind away from the pain. (Pro tip: If the conversation takes a break – people love to talk about their pets!)

Proper education is also important so they understand the process. Discuss with them the hair cycle and why it is important, as this awareness will help them understand that just one wax may not produce the perfect results they expect.

Explaining to your clients that waxing is a  routine and not a one-time service will help them manage expectations and ensure you get multiple appointments to really show off your work! How long a bikini or hard wax lasts is entirely dependent on the client’s hair growth, but once a routine is in place, the fixed time frame is three to four weeks.

7. How much is Hard Wax?

On average,  the price range for a hard wax is  $50-$100. Of course, depending on where you live, checking with salons in your area is a great way to get a better idea of ​​the exact price points.

It turns out that hard waxing is one of the most lucrative services for beauticians. After the initial fear of Brazilians wears off, customers come back time and time again when the service is done well.

8. Tips for doing Hard Wax therapy at home

Whether you’ve mastered what to do for your clients and want to try it yourself, or you’re just trying to save some money, doing a  hard wax at home is definitely possible.

One thing that really helps in doing this successfully is having a  professional wax warmer that keeps the wax at an optimal temperature. There’s nothing worse than waxing too hot, especially in an extremely sensitive area like the bikini area.

Another thing that really helps in learning how to give yourself a hard wax at home is having a good mirror. Most of the areas you’ll be waxing during hard waxing will be hard to see, so standing in front of a mirror is a great way to make sure you don’t miss any major areas! Good visibility also helps you ensure that the strip spreads smoothly and evenly.

9. Final thoughts

hard wax  Aesthetic Folklore!  While everyone can tell you stories about their first hard wax, getting familiar with the service as a whole will make it a lot less intimidating. As a beautician, it is very important to put the client as relaxed as possible, either by talking or explaining.

When it comes to full nudity, preparation is key. Letting your clients know that exfoliation and strategic planning will ease their pain is a great way to win repeat customers.

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